August 16, 2012: Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Proposed Rule Hearing

Jul 16, 2012

9:30 a.m.–Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Proposed Rule Hearing. To view the hearing notice, click here.

    • Proposed repeal of Rule 69O-143.045, which was originally promulgated in the 1970s and defines a list of insurance items–many of which are now inconsistent with portions of the Florida Insurance Code.
    • Proposed repeal of Rule 69O-142.011, which establishes guidelines for assessment of administrative fines concerning certain violations of the Florida Insurance Code and applicable OIR Rules. Many of the fines prescribed in this Rule have become antiquated due to inflation. Furthermore, Section 624.4211, F.S. provides specific guidelines.
    • Proposed repeal of Rule 69O-198.003, which prohibits any person, entity or administrator from providing or offering to provide service warranties unless authorized through OIR license, because it is a restatement of Section 634.403, F.S. and, therefore, unnecessary.
    • Proposed repeal of Rule 69O-170.012, which prohibits insurers from non-renewing or canceling property insurance policies “on the basis of filing of claims for partial loss caused by sinkhole damage or clay shrinkage.” Legislative changes have caused this Rule to become antiquated and unnecessary.