Accident Response Fee Ban Bill Passed; Now Proceeds to Governor

May 1, 2009

CS/2nd ENG SB 2282 relating to First-Responder Services was passed by the Florida House of Representatives (104Y-12N) on Friday, May 1, after being substituted for CS/HB 1043.  With both the Senate and House versions of the bills now identical, SB 2282 proceeds to Florida Governor Charlie Crist for his signature into law.

SB 2282, originally sponsored by State Senator Mike Bennett (R-Bradenton), would prohibit counties and municipalities from imposing a fee or seeking reimbursement for costs relating to certain first-responder services.  It also would define the term “first responder.”

If signed by Governor Crist, the effective date of SB 2282 would be July 1, 2009.  To view the bill, click here.


For additional information on Florida’s legislative process and terminology, click here.


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