With PIP Amendment Ruled Non-Germane, Senate Banking and Insurance Committee Passes Residential Property Bill as Previously Amended

Apr 13, 2010

Senate Bill 2108 was reconsidered today, April 13, 2010, by the Florida Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance Committee (“Committee”) after a Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”)-related amendment previously passed onto the bill was ruled as non-germane.  

Amendment 519840 by Senator Jeremy Ring was withdrawn.  This proposal would have restricted the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation expenses charged for examinations to those from Florida-based examiners only.

Ultimately, SB 2108 passed by a vote of 6 to 2  as originally amended during the Committee’s April 7 meeting, with the exception of the PIP proposal. 

The provisions of CS/SB 2108, now a committee substitute, would amend Florida law relating to residential property insurance, specifically in relation to sinkhole claims, notice of policy changes, hurricane mitigation inspections and other items.

Additional insurance-related bills that were passed today by the Committee included:

  • SB 2734 and SB 1758, which would repeal and delete obsolete provisions of law relating to the Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Association and Workers’ Compensation Administrator, respectively;
  • CS/SB 1992, which creates the “Florida Ports Investment Act” to incentivize private investment in seaport infrastructure projects through the offering of $100 million in insurance premium tax credits;
  • SB 2618 relating to Motor Vehicle Warranty Associations; and
  • CS/CS/846 relating to Residential Fire Sprinkler Requirements.


To view the Committee meeting packet, click here.


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