THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA: Scott to Have PIP Proposal Soon

Aug 1, 2011


The News Service of Florida reported today, August 1, 2011, that Florida Governor Rick Scott is “less adamant” than he was last week about eliminating Personal Injury Protection coverage requirements in the State of Florida, but will issue a PIP proposal “soon.” 

The News Service of Florida report is reprinted below:


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Gov. Rick Scott said Monday that he will make a proposal soon on personal injury protection auto insurance coverage, but was less adamant about eliminating the requirement than he was last week. “We’re going to come out with a proposal,” on PIP, Scott said Monday while speaking with reporters at the Capitol. Asked if he favored eliminating the requirement that motorists buy PIP coverage, as he said he did last week, Scott hedged a bit. “We’re looking at it,” he said. Last week Scott suggested the requirement for having $10,000 worth of PIP coverage should be eliminated, and a spokesman elaborated, saying that Scott favored giving motorists that choice.



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