Texas Windstorm Insurance Association To Accept Peer Review Applications on Proposed Wind/Water Loss Model

Dec 22, 2015


The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association’s (“TWIA’s”) Expert Panel will hold a January 7, 2016 public meeting on the progress of its work to date.

During this meeting, the Panel will present its proposed method or model and recommendations for determining the extent to which a loss to TWIA-insured property may be or was incurred as a result of wind, waves, tidal surges, or rising waters not caused by waves or surges.  

After the presentation, the Expert Panel will announce an opportunity to participate in a peer review of the proposed method or model.  On January 7, 2016, a link to the peer review application will be posted here.

As required by House Bill 3, 82nd Legislature (2011), the Texas Insurance Commissioner will consider the Expert Panel’s recommendations and publish guidelines that TWIA must use to settle claims.

To learn more about the Panel members, click here.

To access a live Webcast on the day of the event, click here.

The January 7 meeting will include time for public comment and questions.


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