Technical Corrections to Insurance-Related Laws Filed in Washington State Under Expedited Rulemaking Process; Written Objections to Process Due by September 7, 2011

Jul 25, 2011


Technical corrections to Title 284 of the Washington Administrative Code have been proposed by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner under the State’s expedited rulemaking process. 

This proposed Rule would make the following technical corrections to Rules within Title 284, Chapter 17, W.A.C., entitled “Licensing Requirements and Procedures”:

  • 284-17-001 – the Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”) citations in subsections (6) and (7) are changing on June 27
  • 284-17-009 – the RCW citation is changing on June 27
  • 284-17-011 – reference to W.A.C. 284-17-001(14) should be (16)
  • 284-17-258 and 284-17-260 were no longer effective as of December 31, 2008 and would be repealed

Under the State of Washington’s expedited rulemaking process, State agencies are not required to hold public hearings, prepare small business impact statements, or provide responses to the criteria for a significant legislative rule. 

Anyone wishing to object to the use of the expedited process for this proposed Rule must submit comments in writing by September 7, 2011.

To view the proposed Rule texts, click on the attachment below.