Son of Lawton Chiles Announces No Party Affiliation Candidacy for Florida Governor

Jun 3, 2010


Lawton “Bud” Chiles, son of former Florida Governor Lawton Chiles, announced his candidacy for Florida Governor as a “No Party Affiliation” at a press conference this morning, June 3, 2010.

Tampa Tribune coverage of the story is reprinted below.


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Above:  (Left) Bud Chiles, son of former Florida Governor Lawton Chiles (right) formally announced his candidacy for Florida Governor as a “No Party Affiliation” today. (Tampa Tribune file photo)



Published: June 3, 2010


TALLAHASSEE – Lawton “Bud” Chiles III, son of the late Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles, announced this morning that he will run for governor as an independent.

Chiles said he was entering the race as a no party affiliation, or NPA, which will give him time to raise money before the November general election.

Last month he voiced dissatisfaction with lead Democratic candidate Alex Sink, the state’s chief financial officer. Had he entered the race for the Democratic nomination, he would have only had until the Aug. 24 primary.

Sink has raised more than $6 million but continues to trail the lead GOP candidate, Attorney General Bill McCollum, in the polls.

Asked about Chiles’ decision, Sink remained upbeat. “I’m out there representing my case, and my vision for Florida to the people. There are many candidates in the race; I’ve been out there talking about the economy, and jobs, reforming government and removing the culture of corruption from Tallahassee.”

Sink said she was not concerned that Chiles could wind up being a “spoiler” in 2010, siphoning off some of her Democratic supporters and thereby helping a Republican candidate into office.

“I have strong support from the Democrats. I’ve been traveling around the state, talking to many of the core Democratic constituency groups, and I believe they’ll be solidly behind me.”

Although not required, Chiles said he will change his party affiliation from Democrat to NPA.

Chiles, 57, is a businessman who has never held public office but has advocated on behalf of children, leading a “Worst to First” initiative to make children’s health and education needs a greater priority at the Capitol.

He ran for governor in 2006 but dropped out when he ran afoul of state residency requirements. Last year, he considered making a bid to replace Sink as CFO.

Chiles is one of four children of Lawton Chiles, the late Democratic governor first elected in 1990. Lawton Chiles served until he died in 1998 a month before his second term ended. Prior to that, the Lakeland Democrat served in the U.S. Senate for 18 years, having before that served in both the state House and Senate.


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