Sine Die 2010 Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–May 1

May 1, 2010

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Paige St. John:  Insurance measure aims to cut both ways

Bill mostly helps insurers but also gives regulators power

In the final hours of their session, state lawmakers Friday approved an insurance bill that would curb some consumer protections and make it easier for insurers to raise rates, but also would give regulators more power over companies that show signs of financial weakness.


Property insurance reform bill passes on last day

Florida lawmakers have passed a property insurance reform measure to bolster the state’s ability to pay claims in the event of a major hurricane or series of storms.


Blog:  Sink/Atwater see seniors safeguards passed on final day

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink won a legislative victory in the final hours of session Friday when the Legislature passed a bill to crack down on people who scam seniors out of their retirements by getting them to invest in annuities or reverse mortgages.


Crist says Florida won’t run high-risk health insurance pool

Gov. Charlie Crist will leave it to President Barack Obama’s administration to run the federally subsidized high-risk health insurance plan that is to cover people unable to buy such insurance in the private market due to pre-existing conditions such as cancer or diabetes.


Florida’s elections chief quits

Florida’s top elections official, Secretary of State Kurt Browning, abruptly resigned Friday, expressing “mixed emotions” about leaving on the last day of the legislative session.


Florida lawmakers bring tumultuous session to a close

The Florida Legislature concluded the 2010 session Friday with a tense, polarizing debate over abortion and fresh signs of Gov. Charlie Crist’s willingness to criticize Republicans he once considered allies


Legislature ends, but Crist may have final say

Florida lawmakers on Friday ended a contentious 60-day session that was permeated with politics, from Gov. Charlie Crist’s declaration of an independent Senate candidacy to partisan debates over issues like abortion and teacher tenure.


Blog:  Cozy sine die inside Senate chambers

It looked for a while like the session would end without the ceremonial sine die hankie drop


Florida budget to increase first time in four years

A new Florida budget of nearly $70.4 billion that went to Gov. Charlie Crist on Friday would increase spending for the first time in four economically challenging years.


Florida’s 2010-11 budget at a blance

Florida’s $70.4 billion budget and implementing and conforming bills for the 2010-11 fiscal year beginning July 1 at a glance:


Florida legislation that failed or was vetoed in 2010

Legislation that failed to pass or was vetoed during the 2010 session of the Florida Legislature, which ended Friday, would have:


Florida Legislature continued turn to right in 2010

The Republican-led Florida Legislature sharpened its rightward tilt this year and incoming GOP leaders are hoping to keep moving it in that direction after the November election.


Bogdanoff: bulldog to some, bully to others

Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, the Florida House’s self-proclaimed “Angel of Death,” has been a bill-slayer for six years, but she wasn’t about to let legislation important to her die without a fight.


Insurer Allowed to Sue Countrywide

MBIA can proceed with a lawsuit claiming that Countrywide Financial committed fraud in obtaining insurance on billions of dollars of mortgage-backed securities, a judge ruled.



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