Senate Releases Interim Work Program; Banking & Insurance Committee Projects

Jul 16, 2008

The Florida Senate has released its 2008-2009 Interim Work Program. 

To view the entire document, click here.

Senate Banking and Insurance Committee projects, issue briefs and monitor projects are listed below. and can be viewed in their entirety on pages 16 through 25 of the Interim Work Program:

2009-103 (Interim Project – Due 09/15/08)
Options for Reorganizing the Department of Financial Services and the Financial Services Commission

2009-104 (Interim Project – Due 09/15/08)
Applying the Florida Antitrust Act to the Business of Insurance

2009-301 (Issue Brief – Due 10/01/08)
Status of the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

2009-302 (Issue Brief – Due 10/01/08)
Impact of Federal Legislation on Mortgage Brokerage and Lending Laws in Florida

2009-303 (Issue Brief – Due 10/01/08)
Cities Charging “Accident Response” Fees to At-Fault Drivers and Insurers

2009-406 (Monitor Project – Due N/A)
Title Insurance Study Advisory Council

2009-407 (Monitor Project – Due N/A)
Cover Florida Health Access Program and Florida Health Choices Program

2009-408 (Monitor Project – Due N/A)
Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

2009-409 (Monitor Project – Due N/A)
Working Group on Health Insurance Coverage for Children with Disabilities


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