Search Committee for New Internal Auditor for Citizens Property Insurance Narrows Field to 13

Mar 5, 2012


A Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (“Citizens”) Search Committee (“Committee”) for a new Chief of Internal Auditor has narrowed the field of job candidates from 72 to 13, it was reported during the Committee’s brief meeting today, March 5, 2012.

Committee member John Wortman, a member of Citizens Board of Directors and Audit Committee, said telephone interviews will be conducted with each of the 13 candidates to further narrow the field to determine which candidates will receive personal interviews.

Mr. Wortman and Audit Manager John Fox were directed to conduct a job search during the last Audit Committee meeting.  Applications are no longer being accepted for the position, it was noted.

Sought-after credentials include those of certified internal auditor, certified public accountant, certified fraud investigator and also information technology certifications, Mr. Fox noted.  Previous insurance or governmental experience is also of interest as well as how many years the applicant has served in a leadership role.

A second public meeting will be held in the future to discuss the results of the telephone interviews to narrow the applicant list.

With no further business before the Committee, the meeting was adjourned.


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