SCOTT WALLACE: Citizens Insurance Policyholders May Stay, Even With Outside Offer

Nov 19, 2008

Lakeland Ledger–November 19, 2008

The recent article titled “If ‘Opt Out’ Letter Arrives, Do Homework” [Nov. 8, page C8], concerning the removal of policies from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation does a disservice to consumers by not accurately informing them of their right to choose their insurance provider.

Florida law provides protection for policyholders of Citizens who are offered coverage by another insurer. Such policyholders are given the option of remaining with Citizens or accepting the new offer. The Legislature passed these protections in 2007 in response to complaints about the prior law which did not permit consumers to reject offers of coverage. Citizens has procedures in place to ensure that all policyholders who receive offers in coverage are given the opportunity to decline the offer.

Consumers are notified of the offer, given the option to stay insured with Citizens and are provided a 30-day grace period to return to Citizens.

If consumers miss the 30-day grace period, Citizens will work with agents and policyholders on a case-by-case basis to reinstate their Citizens policy, if appropriate.

Citizens encourages its policyholders to carefully evaluate any offers of coverage by accessing company data at and by discussing offers with their agents.

More than 1 million former Citizens policyholders have accepted offers of coverage from other insurers since 2003, which supports everyone’s goal of encouraging a healthy insurance market.

For more information please visit the policyholder resources section on or call our Customer Care Line toll-free at 877-227-3492.


President/CEO and Executive Director

Citizens Property Insurance Corp.