Rule Hearing Scheduled to Finalize Emergency Rule Changes to Notification of Personal Injury Protection Benefits Form (OIR-ER1-1149)

Dec 19, 2012


Form OIR-ER1-1149, “Notification of Personal Injury Protection Benefits,” which has been revised and updated in accordance with the enactment of HB 119’s Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) insurance-related reforms, is the subject of a scheduled January 10, 2013 hearing on Rule 69O-176.013 for the purpose of making the changes permanent.  The hearing will be held if requested.

Along with Emergency Rule 69OER12, which adopted the revised Form, the Florida Cabinet approved changes to Rule 69O-176.013 at its December 11, 2012 meeting, after which both the attached Emergency Rule and Form were filed with Florida’s Secretary of State on December 14.

Revisions to Form OIR-B1-1149  reflect that PIP benefits are now allocated for emergency medical treatment and a flat $5,000 death benefit.  The Form was also amended to incorporate technical edits regarding fraud reporting and billing disclosures.

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation reminds insurers that PIP benefit policies issued or renewed in Florida on or after January 1, 2013 in accordance with the provisions of the new law will be required to utilize the updated version of Form OIR-ER1-1149 until such time as final revisions to it are adopted by Rule.

Policies that do not provide HB 119’s new benefits shall continue to utilize the version of Form OIR-B1-1149 that was last revised on August 30, 2006.

The January 10 agenda also includes proposed Rule 69O-170.0155 to update and revise Form OIR-B1-1809 “Health Care Provider Certification of Eligibility” for PIP Benefits to reflect statutory revisions as the result of HB 119.  The changes are technical in nature.

To view the hearing notice, click here for Rule 69O-176.013 and here for Rule 69O-170.0155.


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