Roger Desjadon of Florida Peninsula Insurance Company Issues Call To Action On HB 1171

Jun 18, 2009

Roger Desjadon of Florida Peninsula Insurance Company issued the following call to action regarding House Bill 1171, which is described as having the potential to place companies that do not qualify under the law at a disadvantage when competing for business against deregulated insurers.

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An Open Letter From Roger Desjadon of Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

The “open rating” Bill or CB1171 is with the Governor and will be either allowed to pass into law, vetoed, or signed in the next 7 or 8 days. I’ve been openly opposed to the Bill because I truly believe it is bad policy, in its’ present form, for our customers, homeowners in general, and our company.  Forgive the metaphor but 1171 is a lighthouse intended to provide a beacon for a very few ships while those of us that have been carrying the cargo remain in rough waters.

Judging from recent accounts, the Governor is being barraged with letters from direct agents and captive employees supporting 1171. Frankly, our letters are few and far between. 

I’ve talked with a lot of people and here is what I’ve heard. Some think 1171 is a good idea, some view it as benign and don’t believe the eligible companies will even use it, and some are just apathetic. To those of you that think it’s a good idea I don’t share your opinion but I respect it. Frankly, if it becomes law I hope your view is right because I think the stakes are very high for everyone including the consumer. 

On the other hand, if you believe 1171 is benign and won’t be used by those eligible I ask that you consider why it has been given so much financial, vocal, and lobbying support. To not be implemented?

For those that are apathetic I’m asking you not to be. Pick up your pen, phone, or PC and make your voice heard. Now.


Thanks for your time and help.




Roger L. Desjadon