Risk & Insurance Magazine Announces 2010 Reinsurance ‘Power Brokers’

Jul 30, 2010



Risk and Insurance magazine announced the winners of its Reinsurance Power Broker® survey on August 1, 2010.

According to the publication, those names to the list were judged primarily on their creativity in solving clients’ challenges during 2010, their demonstrated knowledge of reinsurance and their high level of client service.

The awards go to individual brokers and teams, not brokerage firms.

A list of the winners and various feature articles from Risk and Insurance magazine are reprinted below.


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Analytics-Capital Markets




Brian Alvers
Senior Managing Director and Chief
Actuary, Americas
Aon Benfield, Chicago

Marc Beckers
Head of Aon Benfield Analytics, EMEA
Aon Benfield, London

Paul Kaye
Head of International Actuarial
Aon Benfield, London

Christopher Myers
Managing Director
(Head of ERM)
Aon Benfield, Florham Park, N.J.

Parr Schoolman
Managing Director, Head of Global Risk
and Capital Strategy
Aon Benfield, Chicago

Kevin Campion
Chief Operating Officer
Aon Benfield Analytics, Minneapolis

Dan Dick
Head of Catastrophe Management
Aon Benfield Analytics, Dallas

Stephen Mildenhall
Aon Benfield Analytics

John Moore
Head of International
Aon Benfield Analytics

Kelly Superczynski
Head of Rating Agency Advisory
Aon Benfield Analytics








Josh Everdell
Senior VP and Head of Umbrella
and Excess Specialty Practice
Guy Carpenter & Co. L.L.C.
Norwalk, Conn.

Stephen B. Hofmann
Executive Managing Director,
Aon Benfield

Jeffrey N. Krohn
Managing Director
Guy Carpenter & Co. L.L.C.

William K. Plumb
Managing Director
Guy Carpenter & Co. L.L.C.
New York








Stuart Beatty
Executive Managing Director – APAC
Aon Benfield Fac, Singapore

Elliot Richardson
CEO Aon Benfield Fac
Aon Benfield, London

Dawnmarie E. Black
Senior Managing Director
Aon Benfield Fac, Boston

Paul Summers
Managing Director
Aon Benfield Fac
Aon Benfield, London








Robert W. Bisset
Chief Executive Officer
Aon Benfield (Bermuda) Ltd.,
Hamilton, Bermuda

Matt Botfield
Head of Carrier
Management-Australia, Aon Benfield, Australia Ltd.
Sydney, Australia

David Cameron
Executive Managing
Aon Benfield,

Geraldine Elizabeth Del Prete
Partner, TigerRisk Partners,
Garden City, N.Y.








Dan Bolgar
Executive Vice President
Head of Life, Accident & Health Global Practice
Willis Re

John O’Connor
Senior Vice President
Willis Re


Tae Kim
Senior Vice President
Willis Re

Janene Phillips
Vice President
Willis Re



Most brokers will provide a service to clients – for a fee, of course – but Power Broker® Winners will do whatever it takes – and sometimes for free. The best commercial brokers in the business know their customers sometimes better than customers know themselves. So, just who belongs to this vaunted group of middlemen and women? Find out in the categories below.

             2010 Winners by Category
Reinsurance: Analytics-Capital Markets Reinsurance: Casualty
Reinsurance: Facultative Reinsurance: Property
Reinsurance: Treaty
             Feature Articles
Reinsurance: Will Prices Be Right in 2010?

Record first quarter catastrophe losses could bring price hardening, but so far the primary carriers hold all the cards.

A Federal Regulator Will Have to Wait

Despite progress in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, the reinsurance industry will not come under the scrutiny of a federal regulator for now.

Index of the 2010 Reinsurance Power Broker® Winners

An alphabetical list of this year’s Reinsurance Power Broker® winners.


Index of the 2010 Reinsurance Power Broker® Winners

An alphabetical list of this year’s Reinsurance Power Broker® winners.

Last Name, First Name, Firm, Category

Alvers, Brian, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Beatty, Stuart, Aon Benfield Facultative

    Beckers, Marc, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Bischel, Gary, Willis Re, Treaty

    Bisset, Robert W., Aon Benfield, Property

    Black, Dawnmarie E., Aon Benfield, Facultative

    Bolgar, Dan, Willis Re, Treaty

    Botfield, Matt, Aon Benfield, Property

    Bredahl, Rob, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Brown, Norman, GC Securities, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Cameron, David, Aon Benfield, Property

    Campion, Kevin, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Del Prete, Geraldine Elizabeth, TigerRisk Partners, Property

    Dick, Dan, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Everdell, Josh, Guy Carpenter, Casualty

    Hofmann, Stephen B., Aon Benfield, Casualty

    Kaye, Paul, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Kim, Tae, Willis Re, Treaty

    Krohn, Jeffrey N., Guy Carpenter, Casualty

    Lauricella, Marc, TigerRisk Partners, Property

    Mildenhall, Stephen, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Moore, John, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Myers, Christopher, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    O’Connor, John, Willis Re, Treaty

    Phillips, Janene, Willis Re, Treaty

    Plumb, William K., Guy Carpenter, Casualty

    Richardson, Elliot, Aon Benfield, Facultative

    Ronda, Tim, Aon Benfield, Casualty

    Schoolman, Parr, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Schultz, Paul, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Sims, Andrew, Aon Benfield, Facultative

    Summers, Paul, Aon Benfield, Facultative

    Superczynski, Kelly, Aon Benfield, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Sweitzer, Geoffrey, GC Securities, Analytics/Capital Markets

    Thaler, Roderick P., Aon Benfield, Property

    van Dijk, Alexander, Guy Carpenter, Casualty

    Zanelli Jr., Bartholomew T., GC Securities, Analytics/Capital Markets