OIR Revises Informational Memorandum Regarding CEDRA Reporting

Sep 24, 2007

On August 30, 2007, the Office of Insurance Regulation (“OIR”) issued an Informational Memorandum, where it informed the insurance industry as to its expectations regarding Catastrophic Event Data Reporting (“CEDRA”) in the event of a storm during or after the 2007 Hurricane Season.   

Included with this e-mail is a Revised Informational Memorandum, relating to Sections A, B and C of the testing cycle.  Industry testing of Section D will be scheduled upon completion of Sections A, B and C.  Please note that the date on the revised memorandum is the same as the date on the original memorandum. 


Should you have any questions or comments regarding this information, please feel free to contact this office.