Ohio Department of Insurance in Five-Year Rule Review Process; Public Comments Solicited

Jan 18, 2012


The Ohio Department of Insurance (“ODI”) is currently considering various insurance-related rules going through the five-year rule review process during 2012.

ODI staff members have commenced their internal review and will formally be seeking stakeholder input in the coming months.  To submit comments, send an email to:  ecomment@insurance.ohio.gov

The ODI notes that other rules may be reviewed during 2012 and cautions that this list does not include rules that may and will arise during the course of the year.

All rules being reviewed are listed below.  More information about each is available through the hyperlinks provided respectively.


3901-1-18 – Ohio Fair Plan – Plan of Operation
3901-1-20 – Independent Filings

3901-1-21 – Catastrophe Coverage


3901-1-22 – Risk and Expense Modification Plans
3901-1-23 – Inland Marine Risks

3901-1-25 – Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association


3901-1-31 – Group Insurance Regulations
3901-1-55 – Credit Scores

3901-1-66 – Surety Bail Bond Agent Conduct


3901-6-04 – Life Insurance Illustrations
3901-6-06 – Accelerated Benefits

3901-6-07 – Universal Life Insurance


3901-6-09 – Valuation of Life Insurance Policies and Annuities




















Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Colodny Fass.