News Release: Senate President Jeff Atwater announces paperless committee meetings

Sep 28, 2009

This news release was published by Senate President Jeff Atwater’s office on September 28, 2009

Senate President Jeff Atwater (R-Palm Beach) today announced two Senate committees will conduct their meetings in a paperless fashion. This pilot phase will begin during the October meeting week with the Committee on Community Affairs and the Committee on Judiciary.

“Although this will be a significant change in the way we conduct Senate business, it is just one of the many ways we can reduce our operational footprint and save taxpayer dollars,” said Senate President Jeff Atwater.

During the 2009 Regular Session, Senator Haridopolos (R-Merritt Island) conducted the first paperless committee meeting as a part of the Senate’s ongoing effort to reduce non-essential costs by reducing unnecessary paper and bringing greater operational efficiencies. His successful paperless committee meeting provided the groundwork to expand this project.

“As I said during session, this effort will save money and help the environment,” said Senator Haridopolos. “I am excited we have two more committees operating paperless.”

The number of committees functioning in a paperless fashion will expand as other committee meeting rooms become equipped. The goal is to have all committees operating in a paperless manner by December 2009.

Members of the public will continue to have access to paper committee packets through the Senate Document Center.