NAIC Offers Insurance Expertise to Trump Administration

Dec 6, 2016


The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“NAIC”) announced today, December 6, 2016, that it sent a letter to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence late in November to offer the Presidential Transition Team assistance with health care and other financial services reforms.

Signed by NAIC President and Missouri Insurance Director John M. Huff, and co-signed by NAIC President-Elect and Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel, the letter asked for ” . . . open lines of communication and a commitment to collaboration in return, to preserve state regulatory authority, eliminate undue regulatory overlap and conflict, and ensure that American insurance consumers continue to have access to solvent, fair and competitive insurance markets.”

“With over 145 years of experience, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and state insurance regulators must be a critical partner in developing and executing any changes to the Affordable Care Act to ensure access to coverage, protections for consumers, and stability in our markets,” the regulators wrote.

To read the letter, click here.



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