NAIC Issues 2012/2013 Auto Insurance Report

Jan 11, 2016


The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“NAIC”) released its 2012/2013 Auto Insurance Database Report today, January 11, 2016. 

The 257-page report shows the average costs associated with personal automobile insurance nationwide.  It also features state-by-state auto insurance data designed to provide necessary information and analysis to insurance regulators, consumers and policymakers.  It includes written premium and exposure data from calendar years 2009-2013 for the combined voluntary and residual market.  It also compiles earned premium and exposure data, as well as incurred loss and claims data (separately) from calendar/accident years 2010-2012 for voluntary and residual market business.

Average premium and expenditures, pure premium, loss ratio, claim frequency and claim severity are calculated by coverage for each state.  This includes the following types of auto insurance coverage:  bodily injury and property damage liability (including No-Fault), uninsured and underinsured motorist, medical payment, collision and comprehensive.

In its statement on the report, the NAIC reminded that it recognizes the differences in state requirements for insurance coverage, limits and benefits.  It also cautioned that many factors affect a state’s expenditures and premiums, including underwriting costs, driving locations, accident rates, traffic density, auto theft statistics, repair costs and state laws. These variances make direct state-by-state comparisons difficult.

The NAIC also noted that data contained in today’s report may differ from previous reports, inasmuch as updated information from insurers is periodically obtained and included in the most recent report.

To access the NAIC 2012/2013 Auto Insurance Database Report, click here.


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