NAIC Holds Public Hearing To Address Insurance Issues In Coastal States

Oct 8, 2007

Recently, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“NAIC”) met to address the affordability and availability of property insurance. Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty was among those in attendance. Commissioner McCarty spoke at the hearing, specifically advocating for a national catastrophe fund.  Commissioner McCarty stated, “[t]he United States remains one of the few industrialized countries without a national catastrophe plan…[t]he interest expressed today by regulators from other states shows that hurricanes and other catastrophic events are not a Florida problem-they are a national problem that require a national solution.”

Included with this e-mail are the following documents for your review: (1) Meeting Agenda; (2) CERES ∙ Natural Resources Defense Council Letter to Commissioners Bell and McCarty; (3) Guiding Principles for Consideration of Federal Catastrophe Insurance; and (4) PowerPoint Presentation – “The Next Big One: Are We Ready?”



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