Model Audit Rule Adoption Hearing Not Requested

Apr 23, 2010

A Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Hearing scheduled for this morning, April 23, 2010 on proposed Rule 69O-137.002 relating to Annual Audited Financial Reports was not requested and therefore not held.

The proposed Rule would adopt the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (“NAIC”) Model Audit Rule as required by Section 624.424(8)(e), Florida Statutes.  The law provides that the Florida Financial Services Commission must adopt rules in substantial conformity with the 1998 NAIC Model Audit Rule or subsequent amendments.   Since the NAIC has adopted subsequent amendments to the 1998 Model Audit Rule, the Rule being proposed amends the existing Rule to conform with the subsequent amendments adopted by the NAIC.

To view the meeting notice for today’s previously scheduled hearing, click here.


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