Minimal Comments Offered at Rule Hearing on Workers’ Comp Stop-Work Order Compliance Reporting

Jul 15, 2010



The Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Workers’ Compensation (“Division”)  held a hearing today, July 15, 2010, on proposed Rule 69L-6.026 entitled “Periodic Reports.”  

The proposed Rule would provide guidance to employers on submitting mandatory quarterly reports to the Division following their conditional release from a Stop-Work Order for violation of statutory coverage requirements in situations where an assessed penalty exceeds $50,000.

Under the provisions of the proposed Rule, subject employers would utilize the new Form DFS-F4-2018 to file quarterly reports documenting their ongoing compliance with the coverage requirements of chapter 440, F.S. after a conditional release from a Stop-Work Order,

A Division official opened today’s hearing and explained the proposed Rule.  Following this, only a few minor, non-substantive comments were offered by participants.

While it is estimated that there will be certain minimal costs associated with the time and effort required for compliance, based on recent historical data, less than 10 percent of all employers that have been issued Stop-Work Orders will be required to comply with the proposed Rule on an annual basis.

To review the full text of the proposed Rule, click here.

The record will remain open for seven days until July 22, 2010 to receive any written comments.  If no subsequent substantial changes are made to the proposed Rule, it will proceed to the Florida Financial Services Commission for final adoption.



Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Colodny Fass