Lack of Attendance Cancels Workshop on Post-Stop-Work Order Periodic Reporting Rule Development

Mar 30, 2010

A Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation (“Division”) Rule Development Workshop relating to proposed Rule 69L-6.026 was not held today, March 30, 2010, because no attendees were present.

The proposed Rule, entitled “Periodic Reports,” would establish required reporting procedures for employers released from Stop-Work Orders for which assessed penalties exceed $50,000 for violation of the coverage requirements of Chapter 440, F.S. 

As a condition of their release from a Stop-Work Order, subject employers must submit quarterly reports to the Division using a new form, DFS-F4-2018, “Bureau of Compliance Quarterly Report Form,” to demonstrate their continuing compliance with the coverage requirements of Chapter 440, F.S.

Proposed Rule 69L-6.026, which now will be scheduled for a hearing, applies to employers only, not carriers.

To view the preliminary text of  proposed Rule 69L-6.026, click here.



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