Insurance Bill Activity: Regular Florida Legislative Session, Day 57–April 29, 2008

Apr 29, 2008

An updated chart listing insurance-related bill activity for Tuesday, April 29, Day 57 of Florida’s 2008 Regular Legislative Session is attached for your review as well as available via weblink by clicking here.



**As of 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 29, the House is still in Session and is expected to take up Senate Bill 2860–the Omnibus Property Insurance Bill, to which 15 amendments have been filed today.** 


HB/2nd Eng. 7103 relating to Mitigation Enhancement by the House Jobs & Entrepreneurship Council; Representative Ron Reagan revises eligibility criteria for qualifying as wind certification entity; requires the Florida Department of Financial Services (“DFS”) to implement quality assurance program; revises DFS’ authority to require improvements to be made as condition of reimbursing homeowner approved for grant; authorizes DFS to transfer specified funds to not-for-profit entity other than Volunteer Florida Foundation, Inc.; requires DFS to develop no-interest loan program, etc.  Effective date:  July 1, 2008. 

  • Update:  HB 7103 was amended on third reading in the House today and passed unanimously.  The bill is now in Messages awaiting consideration by the Senate.  Note:  SB 644 (below) is considered a comparable bill.
  • Amendment

SB/CS2 1st Eng. 1012 by the Senate Committees on General Government Appropriations; Banking and Insurance; and Senator Don Gaetz and other co-introducers relating to Health Insurance Claims Payments authorizes the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation to waive the requirement that each multiple-employer welfare arrangement maintain its principal place of business in this state if the arrangement meets certain specified  conditions and has a minimum specified fund balance at the time of licensure. Provides requirements, limitations, and procedures for leasing, renting, or granting access to participating providers by third parties, etc.  Effective date: November 1, 2008.

  • Update:  After passing the Senate unanimously on April 24, SB 1012 was sent to the House, where it was substituted for CS/CS/HB 405.  The bill was read a third time today, April 29 and passed unanimously by the House.  The Senate has ordered to bill enrolled and it is ready for the presiding legislative officers to present it to the Governor.

HB/CS 1001 relating to Commercial Property Insurance by the House Jobs & Entrepreneurship Council; Representative Garrett Richter and other co-sponsors defines the terms “assessable commercial property insurance” and “nonassessable commercial property insurance;”  provides rate standards for nonassessable commercial property insurance; provides that nonassessable commercial property insurance is not subject to determination that rate is excessive or unfairly discriminatory; excludes nonassessable commercial property insurance from definition of  “subject lines of business,” etc.  Effective date:  July 1, 2008.(Compare CS/CS/S 1422) 

  • Update:  Comparable bill SB/CS2 1422 calendared for second reading in the Senate.

SB/CS1 1st Eng. 644 – Relating to My Safe Florida Home Program/Wind Certification by the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee, Senator Charlie Justice and co-sponsors Senators Dockery, Gaetz, Rich, Storms  requires that wind certification entities meet certain minimum criteria to qualify for selection by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Deletes a provision requiring hurricane mitigation inspectors participating in the program to meet the requirements for a criminal record check by a specified date. Deletes a provision authorizing the department to transfer certain funds to Volunteer Florida Foundation, Inc., for certain purposes, etc. Effective date:  July 1, 2008. 

  • Update:  Three amendments adopted by the Senate on second reading.  First engrossed text filed. 
  • Amendments


Among the insurance-related bills scheduled for consideration by the Legislature on April 30, 2008 are:


SB 2012 Insurance Policies by Senator Ted Deutch  
HB 7021 Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund by the Jobs & Entrepreneurship Council  
HB 7103 Mitigation Enhancement by the Jobs & Entrepreneurship Council  
HB 1001 Commercial Property Insurance by Representative Garrett Richter  
SB 2462 Group Self-insurance Funds by Senator Don Gaetz   
SB 2860 Insurance by Senator Jeff Atwater  

SB 560 Building Code Standards by Senator Lee Constantine  
SB 644 My Safe Florida Home Program/Wind Certification Program by Senator Charlie Justice  


For easy reference and accessibility, the attached chart organizes and tracks bill activity using the following subject classifications:

•Commercial Property
•Residential Property
•Agents, Appraisers & Adjusters
•Motor Vehicle Insurance
•Employee Leasing Companies
•Group Self-Insurance Funds
•Medical Malpractice
•Motor Vehicle Warranty Associations
•Title Insurance
•Workers’ Compensation

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