House Expected to Pass Nelson Compromise Amendment to HB 1495 Today

May 1, 2009

Subsequent to negotiation between the House and Senate on the details of the 2009 property insurance legislative package, amendments were filed last night and this morning in advance of an anticipated second reading in the Florida House of Representatives today, May 1, 2009. 

The amendment filed by State Representative Bryan Nelson, the bill’s sponsor, represents the compromise outcome of the most recent negotiations on the bill and is expected to pass onto HB 1495 when it is heard today. 

To view Representative Nelson’s amendment, click here.  To view the most recently engrossed version of HB 1495 as previously amended in the Senate, click here.

The additional amendments that were filed to HB 1495 (including Representative Nelson’s amendment) are listed below:



D 947090

Date Filed: 04/28/09



AA 695755, Hays

Date Filed: 04/29/09



SA 422823, Taylor, P.

Date Filed: 04/30/09



AA 257873, Nelson

Date Filed: 04/30/09



AA 455705, Hays

Date Filed: 04/30/09



AA 454101, Hays

Date Filed: 04/30/09


Colodny Fass will continue to monitor the developments on HB 1495 and provide updates as they occur.


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