Hawaii Insurance Division Updates Requirements for Producer Appointments with New Category for Variables on Notice of New Appointment Form

Feb 13, 2012


Hawaii Insurance Commissioner Gordon I. Ito announced on February 7, 2012 that the Hawaii Insurance Division (“Division”) has updated its requirements for Producer appointments by creating a new category for “Variables” on the Notice of New Appointment Form (“Form APPT”).  The amended Form APPT is available here.

Effective immediately, a life insurance appointment is no longer required for Producers selling Variables.  In the past, Producers who sold Variables were required to be appointed to sell life insurance.  This requirement has been changed to require Producers who sell Variables to be appointed to sell Variables, and they are no longer required to be appointed to sell life insurance.  When the Appointer signs the Form APPT for a Variables appointment, the Appointer certifies that the Producer meets the annuity training requirement found in Hawaii Revised Statutes § 431:10D-626.

Producers may submit the completed Form APPT to the Division via email InsLic@dcca.hawaii.gov or fax at (808) 587-6714.  In addition, for insurer-to-producer appointments only, appointments may be submitted directly to the National Insurance Producer Registry at http://www.nipr.com.


Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Colodny Fass.