FWCJUA Board of Governors Meeting

Jun 12, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 8:30:00 AM EST
Board Of Governors Meeting

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Association announces a meeting of the Board of Governors to be held in Sarasota, FL. Location of the meeting is the FWCJUA office, located at 6003 Honore Avenue, Suite 204, Sarasota, FL. Agenda topics will include correction and approval of minutes; election of vice chair; market conduct exam; legislative update; implementation issues related to the probable enactment of Senate Bill 1894 and House Bill 7169 that will substantially affect the governance and operations of the FWCJUA; Audit, Investment, Operations, Producer, Producer Appeals, Rates & Forms, and Safety Committee reports and recommendations regarding the 2006 Financial Audit; Audit Committee Charter Procedures Checklist; investment marketplace update; review of policies and guidelines for the investment of assets and associated matters; review of investment policies and guidelines; review of investment manager performance, to include possibly the selection of an investment manager; reorganization issues to include business priorities and out-of-budget expense considerations; budgeted expense considerations; disaster recovery matters; 2006 operations review; preliminary audit results of service provider; Agency Producer Agreement change procedures, to include associated forms; agency/producer responsibility to disclose FWCJUA payment options; agency/producer appeal regarding revocation of authorization to submit business to the FWCJUA; review of rates, rating plans and policy forms and associated matters to include application forms; Operations Manual revisions; actuarial study of loss reserves as of 6/30/2007; program to eliminate the Subplan D deficit as of 12/31/2006; return of premium dividend; cause, frequency and severity analysis; and staff reports on operations and financials. (posted:12/13/2006) (Updated:6/5/2007)

Click here for the agenda: http://www.cftnews.com/uploads/756_Bulletin%2007-20%20June%2012%202007%20%20Board%20of%20Governors%20%20Agenda.pdf