FPCA Homeowners Division Homeowners Bill of Rights Legislation Proposal

Mar 26, 2014

Florida Property and Casualty Association Homeowners Division Members:

Attached is a proposal developed by the CFO’s office to amend the AOB provision the Homeowners Bill of Rights legislation, derived from a meeting called by CFO Atwater between insurers, trial lawyers, vendors, and other interested parties. Please review this proposal and provide us with your feedback.

We continue to work on the legislation according to the official policy decided by FPCA members, which calls for substantive improvements to the problem of assignment of benefits. Currently, the Senate bill does not contain any assignment of benefits language, while the House bill touches on the topic.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the specific status of the legislation or our efforts on your behalf.  Katie Webb (kwebb@cftlaw.com) and William Stander (William@williamstander.com).