FPCA Homeowners Division: Associated Industries of Florida Releases its Session Priorities

Feb 28, 2014

Florida Property and Casualty Association Homeowners Division Members:

Associated Industries of Florida (AIF), a major employer organization with a substantial lobbying presence in Tallahassee, today released its Session priorities.

AIF, which counts several large property insurers and reinsurers as active members, details its Insurance priorities on Page 13 of the attached document. Specifically, under the heading of Property Insurance, AIF states that it opposes “[dropping] the CAT Fund’s retention level and will support initiatives that… shrink the CAT Fund.” Furthermore, under the heading of Hurricane Taxes, AIF states its support for “legislation to right-size the Cat Fund, thereby ensuring that the Cat Fund can meet its obligations in the event of a storm and reducing the hurricane taxes funding its operations, as well as its possible deficits. AIF would oppose any effort to expand Cat Fund exposure by reducing its retention (deductible).”

This report follows on the Florida Chamber of Commerce priority issue document, “Where We Stand 2014.” The Chamber also counts several large property insurers and reinsurers as active members. In their document, the Chamber briefly calls for “reforming Florida’s Catastrophe Fund.” In publicly reported comments, Chamber officials have made much stronger statements, in line with the positions outlined in the AIF document.

Moving forward, FPCA must carefully examine this situation and begin discussing how we counter this seeming monopoly on the business community’s messaging on Cat Fund issues.

Should you have any questions, please contact William Stander (William@williamstander.com).