FPCA Automobile Division: State Representative Jim Boyd Files 2012 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Fraud Prevention Bill (HB 119)

Sep 6, 2011


Florida Property and Casualty Association Automobile Division Members:

A bill designed to curtail Florida Personal Injury Protection insurance fraud was filed on September 2, 2011 by State Representative Jim Boyd.  To view the complete bill text, click here.

Named as the “Comprehensive Insurance Fraud Investigation and Prevention Act,” HB 119 adds language providing for legislative intent to ” . . . balance the insured’s interest in prompt payment of valid claims for insurance benefits under (Florida’s) No-Fault law with the public’s interest in reducing fraud, abuse and overuse of the No-Fault system.”

The bill establishes new requirements for Florida’s Traffic Crash Reporting Forms and the claims payment tolling period.  It inserts definitions for “claimaint” and “No-Fault.”  Examinations under oath are also addressed.


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