FPCA Automobile Division: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Requests Insurer Information for Financial Responsibility Processing System Revamp

Sep 12, 2011


Florida Property and Casualty Association Automobile Division Members:

In preparation for a redesign of its Financial Responsibility Processing System that is anticipated to reduce the number of requests received for proof of Bodily Injury Liability (“BIL”) and commercial motor vehicle coverage, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ (“DHSMV”) Bureau of Motorist Compliance is requesting the following specific information from insurers:

  • The actual number or percent of policies issued in Florida for private passenger and commercial vehicles, which include Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”), Property Damage Liability (“PDL”), BIL
  • Those policies that include only PIP and PDL, but not BIL

DHSMV Bureau of Motorist Compliance Chief Julie Gentry is asking insurers to fill in the blanks of the survey below and send it via email to: BennettWhite@flhsmv.gov. 

“An early response will be highly appreciated as we are weeks away from the start of the project,” she writes.  “We will be providing you with additional information regarding the redesign of our processing system within the next few weeks and will be seeking input from the industry as we move forward to build a better system to serve our mutual customers, the citizens of the state of Florida.”
Private Passenger
PIP/PD/BIL:         ___  Total Number
PIP/PD:                ___ Total Number
PIP/PD/BIL:         ___ %
PIP/PD:                ___ %
PIP/PD/BIL:        ___ Total Number
PIP/PD/BIL:        ___ %



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