Florida’s 2008 Regular Legislative Session: Comprehensive Summary

May 6, 2008


(House photo by Meredith Hill)
Above:  With applauding Gov. Charlie Crist, center, Speaker Marco Rubio, R-Miami, raises the victory sign after his closing remarks as House Speaker in the final hours of the Legislature May 2, 2008.

Florida’s 2008 Regular Legislative Session: Comprehensive Summary

Hundreds of insurance-related bills were filed during Florida’s 2008 Regular Legislative Session.

Colodny Fass has compiled several comprehensive reports regarding the Session’s insurance-related and general legislative activity. 

The following reports are attached for your review, as well as accessible via hyperlink as indicated below:

1.  Insurance-related bills that passed, including analytical summaries of major insurance legislation, including:

Property Insurance

• CS/CS SB 2860 Relating to Insurance/”Homeowners Bill of Rights Act”
• CS/HB 5057 Relating to the Insurance Capital Build-Up Incentive Program
• HB 7103 Relating to Mitigation Enhancement

Miscellaneous Insurance Issues

• CS/CS/SB 2012 Relating to Insurance Policies/Adjusters, Agents and PIP

Health Insurance

• CS/HB 535  Health Insurance Identification
• CS/CS/SB 2534 Relating to Health Insurance/ Miscellaneous Health Insurance Issues
• CS/CS/CS/SB 2654 Relating to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Life Insurance and Annuities

• CS/SB 648 Insurable Interests/ Insurance Contracts
• CS/CS/SB 2082 Insurance/Seible Act

Motor Vehicle Warranty Associations

• CS/CS/SB 2264 Relating to Motor Vehicle Warranty Associations

Surplus Lines

• HB 5043 Relating to Surplus Lines

Title Insurance

• CS/HB 937 Relating to Title Insurance

Workers’ Compensation

• CS/SB 2462 Relating to Group Self-Insurance Funds
• HB 5045 Relating to Workers’ Compensation Medical Services and Supplies

  • To view a copy of the “2008 Passed Insurance Bills” Report, click here.

2.  Insurance-related bills that failed, including summaries of the following failed major insurance legislation:

• CS/CS/CS/HB 565 Relating to Insurance Representatives
• CS/HB 7021 Relating to the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund
• CS/HB 1001 Relating to the Commercial Property Insurance

  • To view a copy of the “2008 Failed Insurance Bills” Report, click here.

3.  A list of all bills passed during the 2008 Session (including insurance-related bills)

  • To view a copy of the “2008 General Passed Bills” Report, click here.