Florida to Schedule Hearing on Mold Assessors and Remediators Standards and Practices Proposed Rules If Requested; Licensing and Disciplinary Proposed Rule Changes Published

Oct 28, 2013


The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (“DBPR”) issued October 14, 2013 Notices on proposed Rules pertaining to mold-related services licensees under Chapter 468, Part XVI, Florida Statutes.

The law, which became effective in 2011, prohibits individuals and companies from performing mold remediation or mitigation services without carrying a license.  Mold assessors must also be licensed.

The DBPR issued a Notice of Proposed Rule for 61-31.701 and 61-31.702, which relate to minimum standards and practices for mold assessors and remediators.

If requested within 21 days of the Notice, the DBPR will schedule a subsequent hearing.

To view the full texts of the proposed Rules, click here:

  • 61-31.701:  Minimum Standards and Practices for Mold Assessors
  • 61-31.702:  Minimum Standards and Practices for Mold Remediators

In addition, the DBPR issued a Notice of Change on previously-published proposed Rules on licensing (initial and continuing requirements) for those engaged in mold-related services.

To view these proposed Rule texts with the changes noted, click here.

  • 61-31.101:  License Requirements
  • 61-31.102:  Examination
  • 61-31.402:  Discretionary Hardship Reinstatement of Void Licenses
  • 61-31.505:  Approval of Continuing Education Courses


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