Florida Tax Watch First Quarter 2010 Research and Reports

Apr 5, 2010

Hyperlinks to research, reports and additional information compiled by Florida Tax Watch during the first quarter of 2010 are listed below:

  • How Independent Are Florida Inspectors General?, April 2010
  • Modernizing Process of Estimating Fiscal Impact of Legislation Benefits Florida, March 2010
  • When Good Policies Go Bad: Unintended Economic Consequences of Assessment Cap, March 2010
  • Strengthening the Role of the Office of the Inspector General Will Improve State Operations by Reducing the Cost of Services, March 2010
  • Report and Recommendations of the Florida TaxWatch Government Cost Savings Task Force to Save More Than $3 Billion, March 2010
  • Borrowing Short-Term Federal Money to Pay Unemployment Benefits Will Help Boost Florida’s Economy and Generate Jobs, March 2010
  • Recap of “Five Good Things About Florida’s Economy” Forum, February 2010
  • It’s Not About the Amount of Money in the Budget. It Is About the Measurable Value Added to Florida and Floridians, February 2010
  • Five or Even Six Good Things About Florida’s Economy (Presentation), February 2010
  • Preparing Florida’s Students to Close the Talent Gap for an Innovation Economy, February 2010
  • Governor Crist Releases ″Optimistic″ $69.2 Billion Spending Plan, January 2010
  • Florida Tax Credit Scholarship: Let the evidence speak for the scholarship for low-income students, January 2010
  • Recommendations for Boosting Investment, Economic Growth, and Job Creation in Florida, January 2010