Florida Senate’s 2012 Interim Work Plan To Include Bad Faith Review; Monitoring of SB 408; Commercial Lines Rate Setting; Issue Briefs On Citizens, Personal Injury Protection

Jul 1, 2011


Monitoring of the effects of SB 408 on Florida’s property insurance market an evaluation of the regulatory and marketplace impact of the expansion of the types of commercial lines insurance that are subject to the filing and review exemptions specified in HB 99 will be among Florida Senate’s projects in advance of the 2012 Legislative Session as outlined in its Interim Work Plan released late yesterday, June 30, 2011.

The Senate Committee on Judiciary also will review the current bad faith statute in depth, as well as case law and legal scholarship relating to bad faith insurance claims in Florida.  The project will seek to evaluate how the bad faith law is affecting the claims-handling and litigation practices of insurers and claimants and identify any issues related to operation of the law, as well as any potential revisions to the statutory framework to address such issues if the Legislature determines that changes are warranted.

To access the Work Plan, click here.

Insurance-related items in the Work Plan are listed below:


Committee on Banking and Insurance (Page 7)  


  • Review Florida’s Medical Malpractice Insurance Market (Page 7)
  • Community-based Care Lead Agency Liability Insurance Coverage (Page 8)


  • Citizens Property Insurance (Page 9)
  • Personal Injury Protection (Page 9)


  • Open Government Sunset Review of Section 324.242, F.S., Personal Identifying Information in Insurance Policy Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability Insurance Policies (Page 10)
  • Open Government Sunset Review of Section 624.23, F.S., Consumer Complaints and Inquiries Received by the Department of Financial Services (Page 11)
  • Open Government Sunset Review of Section 717.117(8), F.S., Unclaimed or Abandoned Property (Page 12)


  • Property Insurance (Page 12)
  • Commercial Lines Insurance Rate Setting Process (Page 15)

Budget Subcommittee on General Government Appropriations (Page 33)


  • Florida Office of Insurance Regulation – Florida Public Hurricane Loss Projection Model (Page 36)

Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs (Page 51) 


  • Open Government Sunset Review of Section 409.25661, F.S., Insurance Claim Data Exchange Information (Page 55)

Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability (Page 109)


  • Open Government Sunset Review of Section 627.3121, F.S., Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Association, Inc. (Page 110)

Committee on Judiciary (Page 135)


  • Insurance Bad Faith (Page 136)


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