Florida Senate Passes Amended Property Insurance Omnibus Bill; House Now Must Reconsider

Apr 30, 2010


The Florida Senate amended and passed SB 2044 by a vote of 32-6 today, April 30, 2010.

Bill sponsor Senator Garrett Richter briefly explained the proposal, together with Amendment 559146, which he had filed to it.

Senators discussed Amendment 559146, which Senator Richter clarified by explaining that it does not include an automatic 10 percent rate increase.  He also explained that provisions for mitigation-related debits and credits are included in the amendment.

Senator John Thrasher discussed the increased capital requirements in the bill, noting that they relate to the essence of solvency.

Senator Richter’s amendment was adopted.

Amendment 447120 by Senator Dan Gelber failed, however.  This amendment would have stricken the entirety of SB 2044 and added a two-year extension of the suspension on use and file rates.

Amendment 750030 by Senator Charlie Justice also failed.  This amendment would create a new cause of action for the adjustment of claims.

Because it was amended in the Senate, SB 2044 must now be reconsidered by the House before the 2010 Session ends today.


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