Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Reminds Insurers That Eligible Crime Victims Are Exempt from Policy Deductibles, Copayments

Apr 16, 2014


A recent Informational Memorandum (OIR-14-O1M) from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation reminded property and casualty, as well as health insurers, that deductible or copayment provisions of any insurance policy are not applicable to a person determined to be eligible for exemption from them as a crime victim pursuant to the Florida Crimes Compensation Act.

The April 8, 2014 Memorandum was issued in response to a request by the Florida Attorney General’s Bureau of Victim Compensation (“BVC”) to inform insurers that the determination of what constitutes an eligible crime victim is ” . . . wholly made at the sole discretion of the BVC . . .”

The insurance waiver provision in the Florida Crimes Compensation Act was enacted in 1994.

To read the complete Memorandum, as well as the BVC’s request letter, click here.


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