Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Begins Rule Update to Incorporate Electronic Filing Process

Mar 3, 2017


A number of insurance regulations were proposed for revision last week as the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation proceeds to update them to reflect an electronic filing process.

A two-day Rule Development Workshop on the Rules has been scheduled for March 8 and 9, 2017 in Tallahassee.

The following property and casualty-related Rules were among others pertaining to various insurance lines of business that are proposed for revision, including life and health:

69O-137.008                        Filing of Statistical and Quarterly Reports for Individually Rated Risks and Excess Rates


69O-137.002                        Annual Audited Financial Reports

69O-137.003                        Premium Growth Reporting

69O-137.009                        Filing Procedures for Commercial and Personal Residential Property Supplemental Quarterly Report


69O-138.005                        Exams By Non Employees

69O-138.021                        Special Consent Investments

69O-138.041                        Scope

69O-138.043                        General Requirements


Relating to Domestic Insurers

69O-143.013                        Exemption from Section 625.76 of the Act of Acquisitions of Shares of Stock and Stock Options under Certain Stock Bonus, Stock Option or Similar Plans

69O-143.030                        Information to Be Furnished to Stockholders

69O-143.032                        Material Required to Be Filed

69O-143.035                        Special Provisions Applicable to Election Contests

69O-143.042                        Custody Agreement; Requirements

69O-143.046                        Registration of Insurers

69O-143.047                        Standards


69O-144.007                        Credit for Reinsurance From Certified Reinsurers


69O-167.011                        Homeowner’s Policies: Offer of Replacement Cost Coverage and Law and Ordinance Coverage


69O-167.012                        Certificates of Security for Hurricane Deductibles


69O-167.013                        Residential Property Insurance Checklists and Disclosures


69O-170.007                        Annual Rate Filings

69O-170.013                        Filing Procedures for Property and Casualty Insurance Rates, Rules, Underwriting Guidelines, and Forms

69O-170.014                        Homeowners Insurance Ratemaking and Rate Filing Procedures

69O-170.0141         Dwelling Insurance Ratemaking and Rate Filing Procedures

69O-170.017                          Windstorm Mitigation Discounts





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