Florida Mediation of Property Insurance Rules Comment Period Open Until January 28, 2015

Jan 13, 2016


Comments are open until January 28, 2016 on two proposed Rules relating to the mediation of property insurance claims.  

Proposed amendments to Rule 69J-166.002, F.A.C., “Mediation of Commercial Residential Property Insurance Claims,” and Rule 69J-166.031, F.A.C, “Mediation of Residential Property Insurance Claims,” are intended to promote clarity and efficiency in the mediation of property insurance claims process.

Both Rules are being amended to do the following:

  • Cross-reference the new Rule for approval of mediators for the program
  • Clarify that an insurer must make a claim determination before submitting a claim to mediation
  • Change the start date for the 21 days to resolve a claim before a mediation conference is held
  • Identify the Web site at which the mediation request form may be obtained
  • Specify that a mediation conference will be held within 15 miles of the insured property unless agreed otherwise by the parties
  • Provide various additional clarifications and minor revisions

To read the proposed Rule texts from the Florida Division of Consumer Services, click here.


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