Florida Legislature Approves PIP Reform Bill (CS/CS/HB 119)

Mar 9, 2012


Late this evening, March 9, 2012, the Florida Senate took up and passed CS/CS/HB 119 relating to Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) Insurance by a vote of 22 to 17. 

Earlier, the House of Representatives had amended the bill by requiring insurers to reduce their auto insurance rates after the effective date CS/CS/HB 119.  An additional amendment was adopted to clarify how a related fraud strike force may use its funds.  The bill passed the House by a vote of 80 to 34.

Florida Governor Rick Scott said of CS/CS/HB 119’s passage:

“This is a triumphant moment for the residents of Florida. Members of the legislature heard our call to put Floridians ahead of special interests and combat the fraud that has become a billion dollar tax on drivers. I applaud Chief Financial Officer Atwater, Speaker Cannon, Senate President Haridopolos, Representative Boyd, Senator Negron and Senator Richter and the many Florida newspapers and media outlets for uniting the legislature behind a solution to the auto insurance fraud problem.

“This is a bill that delivers on my promise to reduce the cost of living in this state by reducing fraud, stopping the growing cost related to accident fraud and ultimately saving Floridians money that otherwise would have found its way into the pockets of fraudsters, unethical providers and trial lawyers. I applaud the legislature for this decision that will help every Floridian policyholder.

“With the passage of auto insurance fraud reform, my job creation agenda and $1 billion for K-12 education, it is safe to say this session has been a victory for all Floridians.”

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation also commended legislators for passing the bill on the final day of the 2012 Session, saying in a prepared statement that “The Florida Legislature, along with Governor Scott and CFO Atwater, clearly recognize that it is critical that we change the incentives in the system to reduce PIP fraud.  The Office of Insurance Regulation is in the process of evaluating the final bill language to determine the impact this bill will have on Florida’s families and businesses.”

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