Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, PIP Bills Approved By Florida Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance During Final 2013 Meeting

Apr 17, 2013


The Florida Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance (“Committee”) convened yesterday, April 16, 2013, for its final meeting of the 2013 Regular Legislative Session.  To view the meeting packet, click here.

SB 594 relating to Nursing Homes and Related Health Care Facilities passed through the Committee unanimously.  The bill clarifies provisions of law exempting certain clinics from Florida licensure requirements that receive reimbursements under the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law.

The Committee also approved SB 1020 relating to Banking, which would prohibit the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation from initiating an administrative proceeding while a person is subject to a federal proceeding on the same grounds.

SB 1262 relating to the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund was temporarily postponed by Senator Alan Hays in a previous Committee meeting after Senator Jeremy Ring’s amendment 548468 to lower the retention threshold was adopted onto it.

When SB 1262 was brought up for consideration yesterday, Senator Hays explained that he and Senator Ring are working on a compromise, and that his intentions are to pass the bill that day. Senator Hays originally asked for a committee substitute, but after Senator Tom Lee expressed his concern that a committee substitute would allow anyone to amend it to another piece of legislation, Senator Hays withdrew his request. The Committee passed the bill as amended.

Also approved by the Committee was SB 7152 relating to Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance. The bill would authorize the use of an electronic device to provide proof of insurance and repeal provisions relating to Personal Injury Protection insurance policies.  The bill passed with a unanimous vote. 

SB 7150 relating to Public Records/Insurance Policies was also approved at yesterday’s meeting. The bill would provide a public records exemption for bodily injury liability insurance policies and delete a similar exemption for Personal Injury Protection policies.


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