Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Insurer Reporting Requirements and Responsibilities Rules Open For Comment Until December 28, 2016

Dec 13, 2016


The Florida’s State Board of Administration will be accepting written comments until December 28, 2016 on proposed revisions to Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (“FHCF”) Rule 19-8.029, entitled “Insurer Reporting Requirements,” and the proposed repeal of Rule 19-8.030, “Insurer Responsibilities.”

In general, Rule 19-8.029, F.A.C., Insurer Reporting Requirements, provides requirements relating to the reporting of exposures and losses, and Rule 19-8.030, F.A.C., Insurer Responsibilities, provides requirements relating to examination of insurer exposures and losses.

The proposed amendments to Rule 19-8.029, F.A.C. would retitle the Rule as “Insurer Reporting Requirements and Responsibilities” and consolidate material from both Rules in a single revised rule.

As amended, Rule 19-8.029, F.A.C., “Insurer Reporting Requirements and Responsibilities,” adopts the FHCF Data Call and other applicable reporting requirements and  examination instruction forms for the 2017-2018 FHCF Contract Year, deletes obsolete or duplicative material, and provides additional clarification.

Because of the consolidation of material from both rules in a single rule, the repeal of Rule 19-8.030, F.A.C., “Insurer Responsibilities” is also proposed.

The proposed Rule materials and their attendant documents are provided via hyperlink below:

Notice of Proposed Rule: Rule 19-8.029, Insurer Reporting Requirements and Rule 19-8.030, Insurer Responsibilities

Notice of Rule Development: Rule 19-8.029, Insurer Reporting Requirements and Rule 19-8.030, Insurer Responsibilities

Rule 19-8.030, Insurer Responsibilities


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