Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Advisory Council to Consider May 2013 Estimated Claims Paying, Borrowing Capacity

May 15, 2013


The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (“FHCF”) Advisory Council will meet tomorrow, May 16, 2013, to consider approval of the FHCF’s May 2013 estimated claims paying capacity. 

Under Section 215.555(4)(c)2., Florida Statutes, the FHCF must publish in May and October of each contract year a statement of the estimated borrowing capacity, estimated claims-paying capacity and the projected balance as of December 31.

Advisory Council members will also hear a report from FHCF Chief Operating Officer Dr. Jack Nicholson on the following topics:

  • 2013 Legislative Update
  • 2013-2014 Contract Year FHCF Structure
  • Pre-Event Financing
  • Exposure Examination Program
  • Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology

To view the complete agenda, click here.


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