Florida House of Representatives Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness Finalizes Recommendations Report

Jan 16, 2018

In a very brief meeting this morning, January 16, 2018, the Florida House of Representatives’ Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness (“Committee”) convened for its final meeting to discuss and vote on its Draft Recommendations of the Select Committee on Hurricane Response and Preparedness (“Report”).

During her introductory remarks, Select Committee Chair Jeannette Nunez (R-Miami) explained that the Report includes 77 recommendations.  She also spoke to the importance of this Committee and the proposed changes, inasmuch as the 2018 Hurricane Season is less than six months away.

The Report covered hurricane-related topics such as avoiding and mitigating future storm damage, public safety, evacuation, critical worker and employee protections, medical facilities and care, shelters, utilities, school closures, reconstruction, tax relief, insurance and banking.

The recommendations dealt with both handling Florida’s recovery from Irma, as well as best practices to prepare for future storms.

Aside from a small number of Committee members voicing additional concerns relating to burying power lines and issues pertaining to waterways, the Committee as a whole agreed that the Report was in its best form and voted favorably on it.  

To view the Report, click here.

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