Florida House of Representatives Insurance and Banking Subcommittee Approves Florida Insurance Guaranty Association, Workers’ Comp, Policy Delivery Bills Among Others

Feb 21, 2013


The Florida House of Representatives Insurance and Banking Subcommittee (“Subcommittee”) discussed the following insurance-related bills at its meeting Tuesday, February 19, 2013:

  • HB 223 relating to Insurance by State Representative Larry Lee
  • HB 343 relating to Wrap-Up Insurance Policies by State Representative Bill Hager
  • HB 553 relating to Workers’ Compensation System Administration by Representative Hager
  • A Proposed Committee Substitute (“PCS”) for HB 211 relating to the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association by State Representative Jake Raburn

HB 223 would allow insurers to post a base insurance policy online as a means of delivering a policy to an insured.  Four amendments were adopted and the bill was passed as amended. 

Click on the hyperlinks below to view each of the amendments to HB 223:

  • 259339 adds a provision relating to property and casualty insurance policies that do not contain personal information.
  • 664197 specifies that each insurance policy and endorsement must be easily accessible on an insurer’s website for as long as the policy and the endorsement remain in force. It also requires insurers to archive all of their expired policies and endorsements on their websites.
  • 023117 amends language in the bill to provide that when an insurer issues an initial policy or any renewal, the insurer must notify the policyholder, in the manner the insurer customarily uses to communicate with that insured.
  • 227839 is a technical amendment also relating to customary communication.

HB 343 would authorize wrap-up insurance policies for non-public construction projects to include large deductibles when the combined workers’ compensation standard premium for all covered entities exceeds $500,000.

After approving a strike-all amendment (500485) to HB 343 that made technical changes, the Subcommittee passed the bill as amended.

HB 553 would effect a variety of minor changes to responsibilities of the Florida Department of Financial Services and, specifically, those of the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation.  Amendment 868735, which the Subcommittee approved, extends the amount of time in which a health care provider, carrier, or employer can contest the disallowance or adjustment of payment by a workers’ compensation carrier after receipt of notice of disallowance or an adjustment of payment.

HB 553 subsequently passed as amended.  

PCS for HB 211 relating to the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (“FIGA”) filed by Representative Raburn would change the methods by which FIGA collects its assessments in the event of a deficit.  Despite some opposition, the bill was passed as a Committee Substitute.

During discussion, Michael Carlson, executive director of the Personal Insurance Federation of Florida, voiced opposition to PCS for HB 211 and Representatives Lee, Dwayne Taylor, and George Moraitis Jr. also expressed concern. 

However, Chairman Bryan Nelson said he supports the bill and believes it is moving in the right direction.   Representative Raburn explained that PCS for HB 211 will save money.


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