Florida Governor Rick Scott Orders Review of Recent Corporate Integrity Employee Terminations at Citizens Property Insurance

Nov 19, 2012


In a letter to Florida’s Chief Inspector General today, November 19, 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott ordered a “thorough review” of the recent terminations at Citizens Property Insurance Corporation’s (“Citizens”) Office of Corporate Integrity.

The Governor’s request comes after last Friday’s (November 16) Citizens Audit Committee meeting at which it was revealed that, at the time they were fired, the employees were investigating allegations of internal mismanagement at Citizens.

“Given the appearance of impropriety,” Governor Scott said in today’s letter, “I request that you conduct a thorough review of the terminations to determine whether any of them were retaliatory in nature.”

Governor Scott explained that the resulting report will enable him to assess whether corrective action is needed to enhance compliance at Citizens.

The letter is attached for review.




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