Florida Division of Insurance Agents and Agency Services Schedules May 13 Hearing on Pre-Licensing Education Rule Chapter

Apr 23, 2014


The Florida Department of Financial Services’ (“DFS”) Division of (Insurance) Agent and Agency Services has scheduled a May 13, 2014 Rule Hearing on proposed amendments to Rule Chapter 69B-227, F.A.C., relating to the establishment of requirements and standards for all insurance agent, adjuster, customer or service representative pre-licensing courses.  Amendments to the Chapter would also establish curriculum standards for special designation courses.

To view the hearing notice and full text of the proposed Rules, click here

The proposed amendments would update the current pre-licensing education Rules as follows:

  • Rule 69B-227.130 contains extensive updates to related definitions.
  • Rule 69B-227.140 sets forth the requirements to obtain DFS approval as a provider of insurance agent pre-licensing courses or mediation training.
  • Rule 69B-227.160 sets forth the requirements to obtain DFS approval as an instructor of an approved pre-licensing course or training program.  A provision relating to approval for supervising instructors of bail bond agent courses is covered in Rule 69B-227.150.
  • Rule 69B-227.170 sets forth the requirements to obtain DFS approval for a course that is designed to meet the pre-licensing education requirement for licensure.
  • Rule 69B-227.180 requires providers to submit course offerings at least 15 days prior to the date and time the course will be offered and to keep accurate class attendance records.
  • Rule 69B-227.190 requires providers to electronically submit a roster of all students who satisfactorily complete the course and issue a certificate of completion to each such person.
  • Rule 69B-227.210 allows a person to apply academic credit earned at an accredited institution of higher learning to satisfy the education requirements by providing proof of completion and a summary of the course materials.
  • Rule 69B-227.230 requires providers to refund student course fees if the course is cancelled and to have a refund policy addressing a student’s cancellation or failure to complete a course.
  • Rule 69B-227.250 sets forth prohibitions on advertising of courses and places the responsibility for the advertisement on the provider.
  • Rule 69B-227.260 requires school officials to furnish each student with the name and contact information of the vendor to obtain the current study manual.
  • Rule 69B-227.290 requires all applications and other forms to be submitted through the DFS Web site and incorporates by reference seven forms.
  • Rule 69B-227.310 sets forth the grounds for disapproval, suspension or revocation of approval of a provider, school official, supervising instructor or instructor.
  • Rule 69B-227.320 sets forth the standards for approval of special designation courses.
  • Rule 69B-227.330 requires an application to be complete within 60 days of initial submission and requires deficiencies to be resolved within 20 days of the deficiency notice.
  • Rule 69B-227.340 provides that the DFS shall audit courses and provider records with or without notice to the provider.

    If requested, the Rule Hearing will be held on Tuesday, May 13, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. in Room 116 of the J. Edwin Larson Building, 200 E. Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399.


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