Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Releases 2008-09 Annual Report

Oct 27, 2009

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice (“DJJ”) recently released its 2008-09 Annual Report, which provides an overview of the DJJ and its achievements.  To view a copy of the Report, click here.

An announcement from the DJJ about the Annual Report is reprinted below.


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DJJ Releases Annual Report including Strategic Plan Update

Secretary Peterman and your entire Executive Leadership Team are pleased to announce the release of the DJJ 2008-09 Annual Report.  The Annual Report provides a high-level and plain-language overview of DJJ.  It highlights many achievements – and in effect, those are representative of an untold number of impressive and inspiring efforts by all of DJJ’s dedicated employees, stakeholders, and partners.

This year’s Annual Report also for the first time includes a strategic plan update, resulting in a single comprehensive document. 

Your strategic plan update is the “Year 1 Report” behind the Annual Report.  This “Year 1 Report” provides very detailed information about the collective progress made on DJJ’s goals and objectives during Fiscal Year 2008-09, all of which are clearly outlined in the Secretary’s Strategic Plan, 2008-09 through 2011-12.  Your hard work, remarkable abilities, and positive approaches are clearly reflected and measured therein.  Congratulations on the tremendous results. 

The Executive Leadership Team would like to personally recognize and thank many colleagues who assisted with production:  Jack Ahearn, James Chapman, Anne Cooper, Bob Dale, Christy Daly, Terri Eggers, Nathan Epps, Ron Goldstein, Mark Greenwald, Jacqui Hagan, Maureen Honan, Samadhi Jones, Dave Kallenborn, Rod Love, Frank Penela, Susan Quinn, Daniel Seavey, Gayla Sumner, and Joan Wimmer.  The Annual Report, together with the “Year 1 Report” – both produced by the Office of Program Accountability under the leadership of Beth Davis, Director – represent more than 4 months of an enormous team effort for data collection, verifications, synthesizing, dialogue/review, writing, editing, graphics, and coordination with each program/department.  It was a pleasure to work on this product with Beth and the many people who supported her in this undertaking.

Please take a moment to read Secretary Peterman’s opening message and your agency’s FY 2008-09 Annual Report, and please share the link below to this user-friendly reference document with any citizens and stakeholder groups you work with and serve:  http://www.djj.state.fl.us/opengov/index.html.

Lastly, a housekeeping reminder…  Every month, as you know, we’re “on the hunt” for Agency Accomplishments.  These are sent into the Governor’s Office by each agency and coordinated by the Chiefs of Staff.  Please ensure that you’re always on the lookout; we can only include what we know about – and we need your help.  To get a flavor for the kinds of items we’re looking for, and how to write them up, please see the link below where each month’s submission is posted.  Please submit potential items at any point during the month up to your Executive Leadership Team member.  Please think in terms of superlatives – if something is “the most,” “the fewest,” “the first-ever,” “the best-ever,” “a milestone decrease/increase,” etc. – and you give us the details and data about how it came about, chances are it meets the bar very easily:  http://djjiws/new/communications/accomplishments/index.html.


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