Florida Department of Education Submits 2010-2011 Legislative Budget Requests

Oct 19, 2009

The Florida Department of Education (“DOE”), in preparation for the State Legislature’s development of the Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Budget, joined other state agencies in submitting its Legislative Budget Requests (“LBR”) to Florida Governor Charlie Crist during the week of October 12-16.  In a letter this year, the Governor’s Office cautioned agencies to be cognizant of the State’s deficit while preparing their budgets.

Governor Crist will use the LBRs as a guideline in formulating his proposed budget, which then will be presented to the Legislature in January, 2010.  As provided by Florida’s Constitution, the Legislature will use the Governor’s budget as a guideline in determining the 2010-2011 State Budget.

To view the DOE’s LBR and accompanying documents, click on the hyperlinks below.


Florida Department of Education


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