Florida Citizens Property Insurance Clearinghouse Legislation Sent to Governor Rick Scott for Approval

May 28, 2013


SB 1770, which would establish a clearinghouse within Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (“Citizens”) to steer property insurance policies into the private market, was sent to Florida Governor Rick Scott today, May 28, 2013, for approval.

The bill also creates an Inspector General position and makes other structural and organizational changes within Citizens.

Governor Scott has until June 13 to act on SB 1770, along with the following 48 other bills presented to him today:

HB 49 – Drug Paraphernalia by Representative Rouson
HB 77 – Landlords and Tenants by Representative Porter
HB 87 – Mortgage Foreclosures by Representative Passidomo
SB 160 – Licensure Fee Exemptions for Military Veterans by Senator Richter
HB 171 – Disposition of Human Remains by Representative Rooney
HB 217 – Money Services Businesses by Representative Cummings
SB 282 – Consumer Finance Charges by Senator Richter
HB 311 – Costs of Prosecution, Investigation, and Representation by Representative Ray
SB 354 – Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions by Senator Thrasher
SB 390 – Veterans’ Organizations by Senator Dean
SB 398 – Physician Assistants by Senator Bean
HB 457 – Collection of Worthless Payment Instruments by Representative Magar
HB 489 – Railroad Police Officers by Representative Stone
SB 520 – Emergency Medical Services by Senator Bradley
HB 537 – Growth Management by Representative Moraitis
HB 553 – Workers’ Compensation System Administration by Representative Hager
SB 556 – Clerks of the Court by Senator Ring
SB 558 – Letters of Credit Issued by a Federal Home Loan Bank by Senator Detert
HB 585 – Law Enforcement by Representative Hood
SB 604 – Practitioners by Senator Bean
HB 611 – False Reports to Law Enforcement Officers by Representative Watson (C)
HB 617 – Juvenile Justice Circuit Advisory Boards and Juvenile Justice County Councils by Representative Pilon
HB 633 – Biodiesel Fuel by Representative Perry
HB 649 – Public Records/Proprietary Confidential Business Information by Representative Cummings
HB 667 – Real Estate Brokers & Appraisers by Representative Porter
SB 682 – Fossil Fuel Combustion Products by Senator Simpson
HB 685 – Parole Interview Dates for Certain Inmates by Representative McBurney
HB 695 – Tied House Regulation by Representative Holder
HB 705 – Targeted Economic Development by Representative Workman
HB 713 – Water Quality Credit Trading by Representative Pigman
HB 725 – Public Records and Public Meetings Exemptions by Representative Harrell
HB 795 – Premises Inspections by Representative La Rosa
HB 913 – Holocaust Victims Assistance Act by Representative Bileca
HB 939 – Medicaid Recoveries by Representative Pigman
SB 964 – Termination of Parental Rights by Senator Abruzzo
HB 1093 – Volunteer Health Services by Representative Hudson
SB 1094 – Home Health Agencies by Senator Flores
SB 1122 – Florida Fire Prevention Code by Senator Simpson
HB 1129 – Infants Born Alive by Representative Pigman
HB 1145 – State-Owned or State-Leased Space by Representative La Rosa
SB 1420 – Mental Health Treatment by Senator Sobel
SB 1594 – Guaranteed Energy, Water, and Wastewater Performance Savings Contracting Act by Senator Bradley
SB 1792 – Medical Negligence Actions by Judiciary
SB 1850 – Public Records/Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Clearinghouse by Banking and Insurance
SB 1852 – Funding from the National Mortgage Settlement by Appropriations
HB 7125 – Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles by Transportation & Highway Safety Subcommittee
HB 7135 – Pub. Rec./Money Services Businesses by Insurance & Banking Subcommittee
HB 7157 – Ratification of Rules Implementing Total Maximum Daily Loads for Impaired Water Bodies by Rulemaking Oversight & Repeal Subcommittee


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